Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's One For the Road...


Hello there...

Well... My last post was weeks ago. And i haven't been blogging - really busy with assignments and everything BUT - it will all be over soon (for now at least) and when that time comes - I will be back writing my last post on Australia and a NEW, lip-smackin' dirty sexy and delicious post on my eventful trip to Bali last week... so sexy it sizzles *tssssssss!!!!* Heh...

And before i unpack my bags, I'm taking them out on the road again to Kuala Lumpur for the New Year! Woohoo! I'm loving my almost hobo-ness lifestyle... wouldn't trade them for the world :)

In the meantime, We promise... We'll bear right back!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Off To Bali Again...


And so we are off to Bali, Indonesia once again, for the super long weekend we planned for since August. It was on a moment's impulse that we booked for the trip - scanned, booked and now, go.

Will be off for 5 days. A little mellow on the preparation this time maybe because we've been to Bali once before and while we spent a limited time in Bali itself, its a familiar ground and much less preparation is therefore needed. Another issue is of course, budget - but we shall not go there or this post will be one long, draggy, whiny post - when it should be something fun, exciting and full of enthusiasm!

A few things we can look forward to during this trip, which i am VERY VERY excited to share:
  1. Self Drive - There's really nothing stopping me from revving up the engine and driving, wherever i may be in any nook and cranny in this universe. If i can sit and make the thing move, you know i'll be driving it That is, since i am a fully licensed, fully qualified driver now :) Meebops gave in to me most times, agreeing to my incessant desire to drive. She prefers to be driven instead of driving anyway ;) So yes, we are going to self-drive in Bali. We will give our account on driving in Bali when we're back! Note: Researched many differing opinions on this option - but i guess its just the general sense of care that you need to take wherever you may be. Look at everything before moving off and take proper care when on the road with the smaller guys, the motorcyclists.
  2. Villa - We are staying for a full 3 night in a private villa complete with a private swimming pool. I simply, WE simply, CAN'T WAIT for this most definitely.
  3. Bali itself... What's there to complain? Its relaxed, down to earth... yes a little touristy, but all in good fun :)
Picture borrowed from here

Till then... Selamat tinggal! :)

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