Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sooo Much To Say but So Little Time!


Where have all the time in the world gone to! Class has ended and time is now supposedly on my side - but wait! There isn't much of it by my side since i've been really busy with work and a little bit of teaching of little baby bears (now that i'm a Senior and no longer a Sophomore) Heh... So there, been quite busy.

But even then, i don't neglect my insatiable desire to see the world! I made sure that for whatever little money that i have, it will now be spent on my travels and on my food during my travels. Meebops will do the shopping - just watching her shop makes me feel like an empty wallet. So that is her turf so we won't blog about it here.

My suitcase however, is often filled with food. Food from everywhere! - from the streets, restaurants, recommendations by friends, guides, internet as well as those where you just decide to walk-in and give it a shot.

Speaking of which, i remembered when i was in Mexico (about 6 years back) and tried that big-a** drippin' wet bean burrito loaded with cheese and hot sauce from a street cafe, packed to the brim with people - it was totally by chance but like first love, you never really forget about it. I've been trying to get a similar tasting bean burrito since but of course, its only made in Mexicana. And besides the now defunct Taco Bell restaurants in SG, there aren't many restaurants serving Mexican food here, for obvious reasons. The ones who does... well...

So i'm thinking that since i'm headed nowhere this weekend - no dates, no fun in the playground (cos its been too hot lately) and only a week before our trip to Bali (YES!!!!!! We are going to Bali AGAIN!!!!!! WooHoo!), i figured why not spend some moolas and cook me up some good comfort food at home eh... 

Here's a list of what i wanna cook this weekend:

Bean Burrito - I call it, Kick-My-Butt Beanie Boo

Why look at that... Isn't that just one heck of a sloppy kick-a** burrito right there. Yup, that's what i'm gonna make me some this weekend. And yes, before you come firing my behind for not citing where the photos came from, the pictures are not mine but you get the idea what it looked like. Once i've done it though, i'll put mine up.

Here's another one dressed on a casserole dish...

Beer Battered Onion Rings (substitute Beer with Soda Water or something) - I named it, Steer-Me-Thick
Hush Puppies - Err... Haven't named this one yet since the originals sounds really pretty. 
Fried Okra - Maybe, "Me-Lady's-Fried-Fingers"

I might just add one more to the list - but its a surprise treat.

So Bali's coming up in exactly one week - I CAN HARDLY WAIT! 

I know i know... Haven't been putting up pictures from 3 most recent trips we had - Last installment to Melbourne, Bali and Kuala Lumpur. Stay tuned. I can see a bloody packed weekend, which i am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to.

Later now.

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