Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally... Its Over... For Now!


My school term has finally ended and my exams are over and yes, i'm still in one piece and still broke as ever.

But here's the good thing, i expect to write a little more in the next few days / months before neglecting it again for a short while when my school term starts. By that time, i'll be a Senior Cubby (and no longer a sophomore)... hehehe!

Long weekends up ahead and i'm just reeling in the freedom, one bite at a time. It's Friday, its the end of another long work week and its the Chinese New Year weekend too... So i'm off to KL tomorrow evening for a little mini holiday, which i can't wait. Been an awfully long start to 2010.

For now... Let's just chill and take one thing at a time ;)

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