Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Don't Know Where To Start!

So much to say, so little time! Yes i admit, i looooove talking about where to go next (on our global adventure to conquer the World with my two little paws!) and where we've been. And with my newly acquired love for photography, it now becomes a visual documentation of our life, which is really neat.

And to start things off, maybe a post on our most recent globetrot - CAMBODIA!

Walking out to explore Phnom Penh's city on our last day there (before we move on to Siem Reap the next morning), armed only with The Lonely Planet as guide, we decided to take our own "Cambodia Walk", starting from Wat Phnom hillside park, which was conveniently located near our hotel (Hotel Cara). Wat Phnom apparently is the gateway, leading to all streets within the city (Its true! We tried it out!). Now, this hillside park was once touted to be a "no-go zone", because of illegal and vice activities carried out within its compound (you still find questionable characters there in the evenings!) but it is a nice walk nonetheless.

This caricature was spotted at one of the entrance in the park. What's amazing about it is its fully "loaded", with firearms! Yup, fully sculpted with machine guns to be exact, probably taken during the war or after the fall of the Khmer Rouge.

I don't know what this meant but it sure gave me a general perspective of Cambodia - A nation built on violence, hardship, war and bloodshed. The result? Widespread poverty and suffering.

But the refreshing thing is what used to be a national secret within its walls are now a treasure anyone can devour. But warning! Life is harsh in Cambodia and a visit will strip you off your pampered sheltered life.

Nonetheless, its definitely worth it!

"Give it another 20, 30 years maybe... Cambodia will be a country global businesses will flock to..."
Meebops said.

Well i can't say it any better than that!!! More power to Cambodia!



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