Tuesday, September 23, 2008

African Wild Dogs And The Very Essence Of Teamwork


I have just returned from a work trip to Bangkok, Thailand - which was easily my most stressful trip ever!

Traffic jams, rude cabbies, pesky vendors, high prices, pollution and a grouchy, angry, clingy humanoid colleague... Ahh! The list goes on and on! I love Bangkok and i love how people are gentle at most times and how cheap food (not to mention, delicious!) and stuffs really are... and as meebops puts it,"How perfectly lined the streets are in Thailand, that we can easily stroll from one Soi (or side-street) to the other, knowing that eventually, we will reach our intended destination" ...

But my most recent trip was a major headache and i didn't like it one bit.


I was so determined to get myself a new set of nature DVDs to add to my collection. And i knew DVDs are cheap in Bangkok (even the originals!) and so i set on a quest, looking for Planet Earth and i got it at a shameless steal of course!

And so i was watching the first episode of my newly acquired DVD with wide-eyed enthusiasm this morning, right after morning prayers. My idol, Sir David Attenborough, was the given narrator for this series, which i found out was recorded fully on High-Definition. No idea what that is anyway, but i heard from a human friend, that you will basically get super intense pictures and with awesome sound (and the fact that it was done expensively) - which was exactly it. I am totally blown away at how sharp the images are and sound so clear, i could almost hear the narrator breathing in between pauses! Way cool!

The first episode featured some of the most unbelievable footage you will ever see on screen. It was all good... then i got to the part where they featured the nimble African Wild Dogs posse hunting for its prey, shot in Botswana, Africa.

And that's when i thought:

Teamwork and tactics make African Wild Dogs efficient predators. "Their secret is teamwork..." was what the narrator said - which was exactly what fascinated me most! Just think about it - they work in groups. They split up when work beckons, but their aim is all the same - to find that one meal for all.

And i'm thinking, well... this is much like in an organisation where we each hold a different duty within the company but our ultimate aim stays the same course - for the benefit of the organisation.

And really, that is the beauty in the spirit of teamwork, without which, it will be almost impossible to accomplish a task!

What a revelation! Absolute Awesomeness!



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