Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Got The Blues...


What a Monday.

Monday is probably the suckiest day of the week, where i literally had to lift my paws off the bed, drag them with minus-zero gear into the shower and sit on the bowl like forever before i get the different parts and mechanisms in my body functioning properly again.

What a drag! Baaah!

I was just telling Meebops how i wish we were some place else - didn't matter if we were travelling or working - just wish we're somewhere else, exploring different things; seeing new and different people; working on new projects... There is always a longing in our hearts. A longing to be far away... far far away from home. Now wouldn't that be a treat :)

In the meantime, this is how Cubbies is feeling today (picture is from here).

Just bleargh. Just bleargh bleargh bleargh bleargh bleargh :(



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