Monday, February 9, 2009

We'll Be Right Back!

Well well well... In this uncertain period of economic turmoil, what with talented professionals being laid off - big names like Director, VPs, Head of Division - and with you wondering whether your job is equally at stake.. The Travelling Teddies have had the pleasure of being blessed with beeziness - with work likewise  personal life (busy is good...).

Cubbies is currently undergoing her intensive practical driving lessons before her actual test on 27th February! So she is a BUNDLE OF NERVES right now... Cubbies thought of NOTHING but her driving and spoke of NOTHING but her driving. She has cancelled and postponed all her travels for the month of February to concentrate on her crash course.

Errr... "Crash", it seems, is not a good word to use right now.

As for Meebops... Well, meebops is always busy. She is taking up classes now to further nurture her penchant and flair for languages. Good for her! :) She will be back soon... Just not sure when exactly. Hehe...

This blog will be silent for the time being so Cubbies can concentrate on practising everything she knows about how to make her Cubby Buggy move in a straight line!


(picture taken from here)

So... GOOD LUCK TO CUBBIES! And more updates from The Travelling Teddies coming up very soon!



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