Friday, March 13, 2009

Total Earnings This Month = More Than I Ever Thought Possible!

I emptied my Kuching Mentel today.

Ok before i declare the total savings for this month - i have a confession to make.

I haven't been saving as much as i should've...

My projected sum before i leave for Melbourne is approx. AU$1000+. But because i've been paying for a lot of extra-curricular stuff (like driving etc.), the moolahs' a little dry and a little slow.

But that didn't stop or immobilised my spirit to save for my trip though! Every $2 note in my hands, i go, "Aunty... can change $2 note to 2 sets of $1 coin? Ummm.. If you don't have, 50 cents also can!..." I was determined and finally, today - Friday, 13th March 2009, my total earnings for January / February......

Is a whopping... $142.50 cold hard coins! Bwahahahahaha!!!

So its less than last month's by S$1.50. And yes, i took 2 months to get to this... But it sheer is worth every effort, blood, sweat, tears etc. etc.

So rolling $2.50 in KM's tummy...

With this month's takings, i now have a total of 130 + 130 + 96 + 140 + 140 = S$636

That's roughly, AUD 630. Doing good... :)

Great, in fact. Just great :) *grins grins*



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