Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Day We Took The Bus & Headed Straight For Malacca!


So this trip was impromptu - we didn't know what to do over the weekends, Meebops and I. So she suggested that we take a bus down from Johor Bahru and headed straight for Malacca, which is roughly a 3 hour journey on a nice, air-conditioned and comfortable coach.

So that's what we did. We spent just a night there, exploring Malacca Town. It was an interesting journey considering that i haven't been there in more than 17, maybe 20 years. I don't remember anything about Malacca except the Red Church and the thirst-quenching Chendol from the makeshift Mangosteen stall.

The first time we were there was very overwheming for me. We took lots of pictures, walked from one end of Jonker Street to the other, mingled around the Amsterdam/Venice-inspired river walkway and even took a hop-on-hop-off bus to explore Malacca Town i've not seen in 20 years! It was amazing of course! Especially when we were there while love was still blowing strong in the air! *winks* Yup, we were there on Valentine's Day!

We stayed at a slightly posh hotel, which is the Holiday Inn Malacca. At approx. S$140, it was a good steal considering we were upgraded to straits-view deluxe for free. The room also came with free breakfast. Being the lazy teddies that we are, we decided to order-in our breakfast. This is the view from our room:

Isn't this simply amazing? Endless horizons.. It was very calming.

This is the pool view... Oh! The pool by the way, is infinity-edge (the kind i love to swim in!) so that's pretty neat!
I just had to put this up. I don't think the mosque is operational yet... But if it is, i will want to visit. I think its really therapeutic to do one's prayers, especially if it faces an endless sea :)

After a short rest, we were out exploring Malacca. We took the hotel's free shuttle down because we were quite lazy to walk. But if you have the energy and time, you can cross over the bridge and make your way down town on foot. Probably will take 15 to 20 minutes. They drop us off at the Red Square because we wanted to explore Jonker Street. We had a little bit of time; so we decided to get on the hop-on-hop-off bus and let them do the "walking". Very nice! Here's the ride:

And here are the views... Well, not all, some of it...

Oh! the bus will take you around town and come back to the Red Square where it started. Anyway, once was enough.

When it was starting to get dark, we strolled along the river and off to Jonker. Wanna see what Malacca town riverfront now looks like?

From this:

To this!!!

Isn't this just simply wonderful? I think its beautiful! And even though Malacca Town is very touristy, it still retains some of its old charm.

I'll do the Jonker Walk post next. This one's getting a little too lengthy! ;)



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