Monday, March 23, 2009

Have Coffee, Will Travel...


I smelled black coffee on the bus on the way to work this morning. Found a kindred spirit with a stranger, holding that steaming hot cup of black coffee, sipping it ever so slowly - savouring every burst of thick, full flavour tickling the tongue............... The aroma lingers in my mind, all the way to work.

I have to admit, i am addicted to Coffee since way back when. Plain old, black "piping-hot" coffee - a sip will send me straight to Coffee-Heaven; where Angels in black get together with Dancing Espresso machines, for a musical rendition of "The Coffee Song" (by Jars of Clay by the way), while i swim, butt-naked in coffee lake... Ahhh... What coffee paradise :)

So out of pure boredom again, i did a "Coffee Personality Test" to identify the Coffee in me. Interesting results:

I am a White Chocolate Mocha:

You are a White Chocolate Mocha through and through. You are a combination of adventuresome and sweet, hardworking and social. The confident espresso and cocoa stirred with milk and topped with tantalizing whipped cream make for an interesting person. Fun-loving and not too serious, your stable taste but special topping shows that you are flexible to the needs of others. Your balance of strong and fun make you responsible but risk taking. The side of you that is slightly thrill-seeking and active is displayed openly. Others may have to dig a little deeper to get to your rich and deep interior. Your all-around sweet taste of white chocolate is surprising and calming. You generally are service oriented and like to be around people; but you need to relax by being away from it all. The bottom line is that you are fun loving, not afraid of challenge, like being active and outdoorsy. Your uncomplicated twist on the ordinary is exciting but calming. Your enthusiastic and friendly mocha nature warms anyone in your company and uplifts any occasion.

Hmmm... Strangely though, i have never tried White Chocolate Mocha before - and don't think i ever will. I hate White Chocolate and i'll only have mocha when someone else is having it and it "looks good"... Hehehe... Oh well.

Anyways... back to my back stroke swimming in a pool of black coffee (not piping hot though, that'll hurt...)

Ooo, good coffee
Strong coffee
I need to have some
Ooo, good coffee
Strong coffee

- Jars of Clay, The Coffee Song



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