Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Daily SHOOT! - Sasak Village Chief

Sasak Village Chief, originally uploaded by tgtwb.

90% of Lombok Island's population are made up of people from the Sasak indegenius tribes and is related to Balinese in race but religion-wise, comprise of a mixture between Hindu and Islam.

The tribe mixes basic islamic beliefs together with Hindu beliefs and created the evolutionary Wetu Telu religion. It is believed that Bali was the force of influence of this "mutant-nised" 3rd religion.

Whatever their practices are, visiting the villages "as part of your local tour itinerary" is, to me, a too-commercialized affair that should be avoided, if at all possible. They make you pay mandatory donations when you leave and most of the dwellers are probably those you can already find at Mataram's central market every morning.

Nonetheless, seeing first-hand how their huts looked like and their actual living conditions are least to say, enlightening.


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