Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Meat Pies, So I Have To Write About This One...


First of all, let me wish everyone a Happy Happy Friday!

Well.. I started out my Friday just like everyone else say we should - sleepy, groggy but happy its the end of the week Got myself a cup of hot roasted black coffee and bounced all my way off to work (like a little happy cubby). I sent out a twitter via my uber-sexy bold and sat at my desk, turn on the computer, open my favourite news page online and wind down, slowly sipping my cup of coffee... 

I was so ecstatic that Meebops and I bought a couple of pies each last night from this outlet called PIE KIA (in hokkien, loosely translated as "Gangster"). Name is cute and fits the purpose eh. They have a long story behind how the name was carved and how the pies came to be... Cute cute... All very cute.

Except the pies themselves lah! First, they're tiny and they cost S$1 each, cheaper by S$0.50 of the rates they published online. Second is quality of the flakes; the pastry top is the only part that's probably made of a little small sheet of cheap filo pastry while the bottom is those prebaked cup you can purchase off the shelves at Cold Storage. 

What the... Where can like this Mr. Kia!!? You cheating lar!

 This is the Mexican Pie Kia (not gangster hailed from Mexico ok... Heh). Tomato based gravy with bits and pieces of mixed veggie and chicken meat (i think..).

Just like the above marked "M" on top, this one is marked "B" to symbolise Beef Pie Kia. Filling has bits and pieces of carrots, potatoes, meat cooked in beef stock.

How a pie kia really looks like inside (pun intended). Mush...

 And this is him doing a topless pose.

As you can see, the innards are dry and bland cooked in a concoction that seemed to come from canned sauces - the Mexican pie kia (tomato based and chicken) tasted like those taken from Del Monte pasta sauce and the Beef pie, which has probably 2 strands of beef, some leftover potatoes were cooked in chicken stock until dry.

Oi Mr. Pie Kia!

Very disappointing lar!... And for a good reason too. Because i love pies and i was really craving for a good, wet pie innards that really oozes out goodness on the first bite. You know, those white creamy chickeny veggie sauce thing that you imagine all pies should have in them? Or meat pies that are full of bits and pieces of meat covered in a pool of rich dark brown gravy blessed with just a dash of black pepper..? Those kinds. Wet and scrumptious.

In Singapore, you don't have to worry about getting some really good hawker fare or malay nasi padang, we have those and is pretty good at it. But pies and savouries - FAIL! Big Time! Alas, i've succumb to the fact that Singapore food producers and retailers cannot make good oozy meat pies. All we get is day-old pastry with pathetic, bland, dry and meatless meat type. Sigh...

After that disappointing evening with the pie-kias, we wandered off the the bistro next door, called Qi Jii. I don't want to be rambling much about what i ate here, but i took a picture of what i think is the most, THE MOST, ridiculous signage EVER.

 You want to separate gravy, PAY EXTRA dey!

And coming from a country of many extras, we have to put in all the extra effort in everything we do; wake up extra early in the morning to get to work, stay extra late, work extra hard so we can buy a new condo, or a new car, buy extra food, pay extra money because you don't want ice with with your sugarcane juice... and just like the above photo - where we were asked to pay extra because we want to separate the laksa gravy with the noodles. Errmm... I don't even know where to start.

I know 20 cents is not a lot but What The...! Don't want my noodles soggy by the time i go home also must pay extra hor aunty!



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