Saturday, January 10, 2009

Luggage Issues


I bleedin' hate packing. I hate packing, i hate unpacking... I hate it i hate it i hate it! But how do you travel without first wrecking your brains out on what you need to bring for your trip.

And this is business travel. Business travel for me (especially to a country i've been upteenth time) is suppose to be the usual. Be there for3 days, bring 3 pairs of business shirts, 1, maybe 2 pants and 1 pair of shoes, my jacket if i'm bothered (otherwise i just leave them behind). I get so lazy sometimes that i don't even bother to take dinner clothes with me - i dine with what i wore to work. I try to pack as light as possible.

And tonight is one such night when i need to pack all the stuff i need for my trip to KL tomorrow. The best part is, i am "luggage-less". The Green Benetton luggage "someone" got me during Christmas tore midway home from my trip, and now its with the importer for a "makeover".

So i have, unwillingly, decided to borrow my parents luggage to fit my clothes and work stuff. It is a small, humble looking luggage, that on any given day, i wouldn't give a second look at. Imagine me dragging around this cheap blue canvas luggage called D-Pak Canadian Knapsack. Errr... No.

For the love of God...

Must get me parents some decent pair of luggages for their next trip.



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