Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions... Or Old Habits Die Hard?


Just fresh from a 5 hour long bus ride from Kuala Lumpur back into little old boring SG!

We bade Bye-Bye to 2008 and Hey Hey 2009 from the grounds of KLCC Park, with a spectacular display of fireworks! The spirit was high and full of optimism, despite the uncertainties we are made to face in the near future. But like i told all my associates, friends and colleagues - May the coming year be better than we anticipated! You never know... :) Life is a mysterious thing.

Anyway, we took a late-night bus from SG to KL and snoozed all the way there in 5 hours, checked in at the Impiana KLCC and slept all the way till noon! Boy, was i tired! I couldn't sleep my little bear self on the bus so i took it all out at the hotel! :) We skipped the showering part and slept in our jeans and t-shirt!

We then went out to lunch at our favourite Tarbush Restaurant along Bukit Bintang and did a little shopping at Pavillion, Lot 10 and BB Plaza. Much well behaved this time, even Meebops didn't shop as much as i would expected her to. He! He!

After a full day of walking around town, we decided to overcome our tired little paws through swimming, back at the hotel. We were glad we decided to swim, because the pool was awesome! We are talking Infinity Edge Pool, like those you see in Bali (except this one overlooks Petronas Towers!) - I truly enjoyed myself swimming and doing a little exercising to get my energy levels up for the night!

We had a little hiccup along the way though...

Little Miss Clever Meebops left her camera on her desk at home and so, for the first time ever, we were camera-less on such an eventful day! I must say that i don't particularly enjoy fireworks (Meebops goes ga-ga over fireworks though!) - won't kill me if i don't watch it, but for someone who enjoys it, the audacity of leaving a precious tool to capture the mood is bewildering! (Yes, i'm talking about you...) Needless to say, the celebrations in KL were the best ever with the spectacular fireworks display and gate-crashing into a semi-private New Year's party at the hotel cafe.

Cubbies is not much of a dancer... but We Sang, We Danced, We Laughed and Be Merry. It was magical :) We even sang the birthday girl (whoever she was...) a birthday song and cheered for her!

And just before we called it a night, Meebops and i were chatting over our hopes and dreams for 2009. And among my new year's resolution is to get fitter through exercising. And since we both liked swimming - why not join a class in Aquarobics? We get to swim, and we get to exercise!

That's one of our long list of resolutions for 2009 - which we came up with every single year; and vowed to keep to for the next 365 Days. Or... will old habits die harder?

Chips, candies, chocolates, ice-creams, savouries, snacks, buffets and late night supper.................. Yumm.



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