Friday, August 8, 2008

The Red Piano? No! Its The Red Shop!

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The Travelling Teddies has PAWWED!

The Red Shop at the Night Market Bazaar! Siem Reap, Cambodia

SO... What's GOOD? Cheap Cheap Cheap products that are comparable in quality (to those found in regular shops at the Old Market). For example, Meebops got me the famous "skulls landmine" t-shirt for mere US$2! And Meebops didn't need to haggle at all! (which was great because i was running out of paper-bags to hide my face in embarrassment!) But the best part was, at least half of the proceeds from the sales goes to the under-privileged, needy and the orphanage. Isn't that the coolest??? Since we LOVE to shop, why not shop, For A Good Cause!

What's NOT so cool? When your conscience is clear, nothing is bad!... Oh, except for the Mosquitoes buzzing around my tiny little feet while i waited for Meebops to shop. Bah! NOT COOL!



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