Monday, August 18, 2008

What's Red and Roaring All Over? Singaporeans Of Course!

It is exactly one-week since TTT attended a birthday bash - this time in celebration of Singapore's 43rd birthday. And the invite, though unexpected, came with perfect timing! Totally unplanned... and because of that, we were thrilled!

For your information, TTT were on a lil' holiday. But this lil' holiday was done right at home (The Travelling Teddies are fond of doing this whenever we don't get a chance to leave the country!). It sorta gives us a sense of a holiday-feel to it... be in the spirit of things!

There is a story behind this "local holiday" of ours. To begin with, yours truly (the "patriotic" Meebops) could not "bear" (cough cough...hyperventilate...ahem ahem) to leave our little red dot on her country's birthday (for obvious reasons of course!). And since the Little Red Dot alias The Lion City alias Singapore is a small condensed island (as a matter of fact, its only 643 square kilometers) with no neighbouring town, city or suburb within the country to visit - What most of us will do is to make do with the world-class resort and hotels available locally, so we can buy the idea of staying at home, "away from home"!

And to cut story short, TTT bought into that very illusion of "home away from home" by booking a room at the Swissotel The Stamford. But the sweetest part about the deal was that this stay was FREE! Completely FOC! Why? Because we were unfortunately short-changed when we stayed at the hotel last year during the New Year celebrations. So this time round, our stay was "on the house"...! Sweet!

This is the view of the city from our room. Pretty neat eh? Can you see "The Singapore Eye" watching you in the distant background???

And another view of the iconic and dearly beloved king of king fruits - The "Durian" Esplanade Theatre!
Ok back to the birthday story. Unfortunately, we could not get tickets to watch the actual Parade at the floating platform in Marina Bay. Instead, we were offered 2 tickets to participate at the Young NTUC celebration at the Padang.

Now we did ponder through our options. It was a tough decision between 1) Joining our fellow Singaporeans at the Padang OR 2) Hibernating in our newly renovated double-balcony "cave" while we occasionally sneak a peek the party that's racking up 21 floors below. The latter was definitely by far, the most attractive, where we can enjoy the fireworks lit up the dark skies, with the TV (showing live telecast of the parade) blasting in the background - sipping our "home-made" Pina Coladas... Heavenly!

But... we didn't know how else to spend the day anyway so we thought, well, better than spending the evening cooped up in the room. We might as well join in the party!!!

People people and MORE people!

And with much spirit, enthusiasm, "patriotism" charmed by the Reddies around us (with almost everyone you see at the City Hall dressed in Red and White, which by the way, are Singapore's national colours) - TTT were honestly quite excited to be a part of over 12,000 eager Singaporeans at the Padang!

And our goodie-bags which contained medicated oil, hat, flag, torch, snacks and a book of useless vouchers... typically...

Anyway, boy were we totally blown away!!! Despite the rain, we sang and dance like the other 11,998 NTUC (National Trade Union Congress) members that evening! Indeed it has been a looooooooooong time since we last sang National Day songs, the National Anthem and the Pledge as display of our patriotism. Think of it as a "renewal of our vows" to our Country, the nation. Hehehehe... Cubbies won't like this AT ALL... But Cubbies unabashedly sang her heart out and swayed her lil' paws side to side and even at times, her furry booties, to the National Songs! Its a rare sight to see but yes, she did! :)

We had lots of fun! Meebops felt a little patriotic too and like most other Singaporeans declaring their love and pride for the Country, TTT were dressed in RED too ;)

CBD skyline at dusk... I must admit, it was pretty magnificent!

NDP 08 marked not only the RSAF Black Knights' inaugural performance at an NDP , but also their very first time performing over the Marina Bay Area! Best part is, TTT was there to witness it!
More pictures of the Black Knight! Swooooooosh!!!

All the flying in and between buildings made the Knights all too mushy... and they decided to make a "heart" in the sky for Singapore... Aaaawwww....

Okay, those on the Red square, please use your Red side of the lollipop. Those on the White, use your White side... That's right. One more time... Red on Red... White on White... You can do it! Red on Red... White on...

Wave Wave!!!!! Helis can you SEEEEEE me!!!!!

And being typical Singaporeans, when it rains, all scrambled for shelter! And for those good sport who stayed to party, simply put on their red ponchos! Who says the partying has to stop just because it rained! Its shower of blessings OK!...

Of course, the star attraction for the evening were the fireworks that lit up the night sky! It wasn't as spectacular as we expected but it was a feat in itself! Singaporeans are suckers for fireworks... In fact, i think we have possibly the greatest and "most-est" fireworks display on earth! Hehe!

Look at the way it exploded!

All that lollipop waving, hitting, shoving and parading has finally come to this... A giant Singapore flag at the Padang! Nice!

Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore)! The way i see it, a progressive and buoyant economy is always a good thing, especially on me pocket :)

Tired from the party... TTT decided to retire back in the room. Was a little hungry by the end of the party, but restaurants are pack-full of hungry Singaporeans everywhere. Chomping on our takeaway Subway sandwiches and instant noodles...

The TTT knocked out immediately after filling up our tummy with junk (which we sometimes do when we're tired...)... with the TV blasting in the background.

Cubbies... being the baby that she is, slept like one too...



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