Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 2nd Peter Cubbies Knows, Who Is A Pearl At Heart!


Last week, without having any concrete plans on where to go and what to do on a weekend, The Travelling Teddies wandered their paws around town searching for a spot to stop, slouch and snack because it had been a terribly tiring week at work.

We were lucky to have made it to City Hall for a cup of coffee, cakes and snacks, for we were greeted by an intriguing "art" exhibition that was being showcased at the Basement level of Raffles City Shopping Mall. So after the light meal, we pawwed our way over to the exhibition (which was free of course...) and looked around.

My my my! What a PAWWING experience it was!

It was a showcase of drawings by kids from various Asean countries like Singapore, Myanmmar, Cambodia, Thailand etc. and it was definitely marvellous to know that kids still do enjoy the delight of putting thoughts, ideas and creativity using paper and colours! I mean, in the era of technology and computer games, its heartening to know that good old drawing and colouring still holds a place in a child's heart!!! :)

The exhibition was put up by Singapore's Peter Zhou aka Peter Draw - who's main mission is to help the handicapped and less fortunate children with his passion and love for drawing. Isn't that just wonderful???

We also took some pictures of the ASEAN CHILDREN'S HAPPY DRAWINGS EXHIBITION...
Meebops was in particular very fascinated by this kiddo's art piece - from Myanmmar (Burma).
According to her, this is by far, the most scenic and most beautiful painting of all that was featured at the exhibition. I'll say!!!
Before we left, the organisers asked if we would like to contribute to this wall. We were supposed to write, draw or scribble anything that MAKES US HAPPY and share it with the World!
And that's exactly what we did! We thought about what makes us happy (there are A LOT!) and we jot it down on nice colourful post-it notes and put them up for all to see.
This was one of the things that made Meebops happy... in her own words...
Meebops often have a lot to say... And so she wrote some more. One of the many things that made both of us happy is...
And this one, in bright, neon Orange is what always makes Cubbies a happy happy camper! Tweeett!! :)
And finally, a word of encouragement to the man who started this good cause... Peter Draw! We are quite sure the little symbol we drew at the bottom right corner of the page was meant to look like a pawprint... Meebops' paw turned out like Tiara and Cubbies'... well Cubbies' paw almost screamed obscene... He! He!
I think what Peter has done truly deserves recognition... And even though TTT would like to think they are not one of the most popular blog around (YET!), still a good deed should not go unrecognised! Sooooo.....................................

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The Travelling Teddies has PAWWED!

Peter Draw! The Cartoonist who aims to change the world with the might of his paint brush! (or pencil, pen, paper, crayons blah blah blah.. you get my groove)

SO... What's GOOD? He is! Yup, its as simple as that. Peter is a child prodigy in the art of cartooning. Having picked up his first pencil (I would think kids at that age picks up pencils!) at a tender age of 3, Peter never looked back since! His main aim is to help kids in Asia who are less fortunate and raising funds for charity through his craft. Isn't that the coolest??????? TTT thinks it is always a COOL thing to help the poor, the needy and the less fortunate! Be it the young or the older folks! Way to go Peter!

What's NOT so cool? That we don't know much about Peter Draw and his noble efforts and that we need MORE of such civic conscious samaritans in Singapore and around the world. Then perhaps, this world will be a better place for all to live in. Apart from that, nothing about doing the good and right thing is uncool!



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