Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Introducing My Kuching Mentel...


Meebops recently got me a new "kitty" bank to save my loose change (of 1 dollars and 50 cents only) and it has been my best friend since. Apart from drilling into my spendthrift little lifestyle and start SAVING FOR MY FUTURE, it is also a good way to gather and store away some moolahs to use as "shopping spares" in our bid to rule the world with our own little adventures!

Isn't my meebops wise? Why I think she always is!

And so i introduce to you my dearly beloved, Kuching Mentel...

I have emptied my first batch of savings from KM. Yes i have filled it up nice and full! (Check out Mentel's tummy!) And in total, I have saved $95 for the entire month of July, which by my standard is a stark improvement from my absolutely zero savings. And now, i am on my way towards emptying the proceeds from my August savings! Way cool!

Another view of $2, $1 and $0.50 from KM... Bottoms up!!!

That's a small part of my workstation, including what you may find every morning... my dose of morning black, my Starbucks coffee cup, and... My Money!!! Ha ha!

I tell you something interesting... Towards the end of our trip to Cambodia in June, I was feeling quite miserable and down about coming home. Everytime we get a chance to leave or go on our many overseas adventures, i hated the idea of returning and having to get myself adjusted again and again for work, and enduring long painful days of doing the same old bearish routine. I hate to see the same faces at work, i hate having to take the train down to work - the same stale air that i breathe in... I hated it all (well, except the obvious of course...) And even as a Cubbie, i am jaded of the same old tricks and dirty politics.

I wanted something fresh! Something exciting! And something more psychologically stimulating! You know, you get these when you travel - often to different places or countries - something new to you... Something you wish you can take home with you.

But meebops, as always, had a few kind words for me in the effort to live my spirits high.

And meebops said, “Wee must come home to raise funds (TRF) for our next trip Cubbies… Just think of that and it'll make you feel all better...”

What a wonderful thought! Indeed! That really did made me feel all better and smiley; a good enough reason to come home ... To Raise Funds!

So now everytime we go away and cannot find enough reasons to drag us back home, i will always think of meebops' acronym - T.R.F

As destiny puts it, my Kuching Mentel (or Cheeky Cat in Bearish English!) definitely came at the right time and now acting as a financial boon to me, especially during times of need!

Good for keeping money, good for me! ;)



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